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March 2016 Archives

When not to choose a collaborative law divorce

We have all heard those frightening stories about the horrible things that can be said and done during a divorce. From back-stabbing and name-calling to all-out wars that seem to go on forever, it can make even the hardiest people run for cover. In an effort to side-step some of the horrors associated with a traditional divorce, more and more people are opting for collaborative or mediated divorces.

How do Illinois courts decide how to divide marital property?

Contrary to popular belief, property and assets acquired during the course of marriage are not always split in half when a couple divorces in Illinois. Rather, the courts attempt to split the property in a fair and equitable manner if the couple cannot reach a property division agreement on their own. When this happens, a judge will examine several factors in order to determine the best way to divide the marital property.

Is divorce ever the best choice for a couple's children?

Along with concerns about child custody and support, this question may haunt both parents through every step of getting a divorce. What if you are doing more harm than good by divorcing? How do you know if this is the best choice for the children? Unfortunately, no one can precisely answer these questions for you. However, you may take comfort from the results of several studies conducted over the last few decades.

Exploring alternatives to litigation | Divorce mediation

Sometimes it seems that topics associated with divorce have been talked about almost to exhaustion. This can be distressing for Illinois couples who are looking for authentic information about the divorce options from which to choose. When it feels like there are no solutions other than litigation, take heart because like other areas of the law, divorce law is always evolving. If you need real information that will lead to real solutions, choose your resources carefully and consider talking with a family law attorney.

Use these tips to prepare for a high asset divorce

For Illinois couples with wealth or high net worth assets, the divorce process can be mind-scrambling. However, as the only alternative is to remain married, most couples suffer through the process anyway. While it is true that high asset divorces often feature complex property division elements, it is possible to use a little forethought and preparation to ease the divorce.

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