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July 2016 Archives

What are the differences between mediation and Collaborative Law?

It is easy to confuse Collaborative Law with standard mediation if you do not know the key differences. While they both can be excellent methods of resolving conflicts in a divorce and avoiding costly litigation, they are each more appropriate for respective specific situations.

Specifics of seeking divorce while incarcerated

Divorce is often a frustrating ordeal, but having a clear understanding of the steps required can remove some of the difficulty. For those seeking to file for divorce while incarcerated, the process is a little more complex, but doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Options for dividing real estate between siblings

Real estate holdings can be complicated assets to divide evenly, especially when a single home is willed to several heirs. Before allowing a piece of property to become a point of contention between siblings, familiarizing yourself with some of the standard remedies for this scenario may save you and your family a great deal of time, money and lost affection.

Can I withhold visitation for overdue child support?

The inherent difficulties of being a good parent can become much more complex when trying to navigate through custody rights, visitation schedules and child support payments. Far too often, it can be tempting for the parent who maintains primary custody of a child to withhold visitation privileges if the other parent does not meet certain expectations, specifically regarding child support. Likewise, the non-custodial parent may feel that spending more time with a child reduces his or her child support obligations. While these feelings are understandable, they are not in keeping with the law. Visitation rights are not contingent on child support payments, and vice versa, and should not be treated as such.

What is the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty?

High-Asset divorces have earned a reputation for being messy drawn out affairs, with opportunity for impressive creativity in the lengths spouses may go to keep each other's hands off large quantities of money. Some spouses go so far as to move assets to another country in an effort to keep them out of reach of divorce proceedings. With the advent of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, divorce attorneys now have a tool at their disposal that can help recover assets migrated overseas.

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