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Mediation helps children weather a divorce

Divorce mediation is an excellent choice for many reasons, not the least of which is the positive effects it can have on children who are stuck in the middle of a divorce. It is no secret that children whose parents divorce are often stuck in the middle of tensions that they are forced to carry while their parents work out how to move on with their respective lives while still finding a way to be a part of the children's lives. This can lead to many children of divorcing parents internalizing a sense of responsibility for the divorce, which is not something that any parent wants.

Collaborative law can help you negotiate without fear

There's an old joke that gets turned around and recycled every now and then, and it goes something like this: A pilot is flying a private jet over the Atlantic, when the plane suddenly loses power. The plane has only 4 parachutes and 5 passengers, including the pilot. In a seeming act of heroism, after the three other passengers have grabbed a parachute and jumped out the airlock, the pilot hands the last passenger the last parachute, opting to stay instead with the plane as it crashes hopelessly into the ocean. The passenger tries to convince him to grab on to him and jump, that they may both be able to use the one parachute. The pilot refuses, saying "I'd rather face certain death than possible litigation."

Creating and enforcing a parenting agreement

When you are working through a divorce or separation from the other parent of your child, you are tasked with the responsibility of creating a parenting agreement that serves the best interests of your child. It is almost always best to find ways to create this parenting plan between the two of you as parents without relying on courts to make parenting decisions for you.

How can I spend child support payments?

Knowing how to go about the parenting part of having primary custody of a child can be confusing, with the structure of a custody agreement sometimes adding further layers of difficulty to an already difficult position. For many parents with primary custody, this includes receiving child support payments from the other parent. It is common to not be entirely sure what you should and should not spend child support funds on.

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