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November 2016 Archives

Does divorce mediation really cost less?

If you are looking at the prospect of divorce and wonder how exactly you are going to weather the financial and emotional drain that you've heard about or witnessed others go through, it can feel as though you are caught between rock and a relationship you no longer can keep up. The good news is that you are not out of options.

Elements of property division in Illinois

For those who are seeking a divorce in the state of Illinois, the prospect of dividing up your property can seem overwhelming. This is understandable, but not necessary. It is possible to enlist qualified help to assist you in these tense negotiations, and help each party reach an acceptable compromise.

Mediating parenting time in Illinois

Illinois Is nearly a year into the practice of the first major reforms to its divorce and child custody laws in nearly forty years, but many parents who are just now entering into the divorce process are still coming to terms with what these changes mean for them now that divorce is no the table. For many parents, it can be overwhelming to approach the idea of developing a parenting plan with a spouse they are divorcing, but it is important to remember that this portion of the process is intended to truly put the needs and interests of the child front-and-center.

What if my spouse squanders our money during divorce?

Divorce can have a nasty habit of bringing out the worst in people. Whether brought on by the heartbreak of the dissolving relationship, or because more deeply rooted character flaws are merely being revealed by a trying time, spouses who were once the love of your life can become unrecognizable, often acting out in ways that are emotionally and materially devastating. One of the most common and destructive ways divorcing spouses may act out is by squandering your joint marital assets for their own gain and to leave you with very little to properly divide in a divorce settlement.

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