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December 2016 Archives

Illinois mother argues for her unique case for custody

An Illinois mother and her testimony are at the heart of a unique court case that may have far-reaching implications for parents and custody agreements throughout the state and even the country. The woman in question fled to Canada with her child in 2015 after her custody was limited. While the woman's actions are not up for debate, she maintains that she was consciously violating her court order for the purpose of protecting her child from alleged abuse from her father, who was granted primary custody.

Illinois judge reminds public that adultery is still a crime

An Illinois judge recently took the opportunity to remind the courts and divorcing couples through out the state that while it is rarely prosecuted, adultery is still considered a crime in the state. The opinion was offered while the judge was hearing a peculiar case of a man who was suing his wife for allegedly reading emails he had sent to other women.

How do I avoid disaster in my divorce?

Divorce is rarely easy, especially when the couple who is splitting carry significant assets between them. Unfortunately, a divorce that is handled poorly can turn the end of a marriage into personal nuclear fallout, leaving one or both parties rebuilding from the ground up. If you are currently divorcing, or considering a divorce, there are steps you can take to ensure that you will emerge on the other side without ending up homeless or bankrupt. Without taking precautions, it's anyone's guess how badly it might go.

Is meditation good for our kids?

Whenever a couple is going through a divorce, it is worth considering the use of mediation to help reach a fair compromise in a divorce settlement. This is true for many kinds of couples, regardless of what kind of marriage is ending or the elements that are being negotiated. However, one group stands apart as being able to benefit the most from successful divorce mediation — couples with children, and more specifically, the children themselves.

Are retirement assets marital property?

When it comes to divorce, as in all things, it pays to be attentive to the details. The emotional hurricane that a divorce can present often clouds sound judgment and keeps otherwise reasonable people from being able to make prudent, long-term choices when splitting up assets.

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