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March 2017 Archives

How can I keep my divorce simple and quick?

Although divorce can drag out and become a protracted battle that drains energy, time, and resources, it doesn't have to be that way. If you and your spouse are willing to work together and make a fair divorce settlement your priority, a simple and relatively quick divorce is certainly possible. However, it is crucial to still receive professional legal advice, rather than attempt to file for divorce all on your own. There are many legal issues that arise in a divorce, and failing to properly address them could cost you much more in the long run than dealing with them on the front end.

Former congressman opens up about complex divorce

For many individuals with complex assets, divorce can be exceptionally difficult. Former Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. recently made public statements about how complicated his own divorce process has become. He noted that even though he has substantial income, mounting legal fees from multiple suits are making the process untenable.

Is mediation really less expensive?

Many couples are drawn to divorce mediation as a way to exit their marriage as cheaply as possible. While it is true that divorce mediation can be less expensive than a traditionally litigated divorce, it can only be as economical and efficient as you are willing to let it be. Marriage is essentially a business arrangement in the eyes of the law, and divorces are often more complicated than couples anticipate. No matter what your circumstances may be, you will be best off working together to reach a mutually satisfactory compromise in your divorce settlement.

Joint custody can be complicated

Many parents want to work out some form of joint custody during a divorce proceeding, for a number of reasons. Maybe you want joint custody out of fairness to your child, or maybe you feel it will be easier to get your parenting plan approved, and simply want to get the process of divorce over as soon as possible. Whatever your reasons may be, it is always wise to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the issue before you commit to a side.

Woman celebrates divorce by burning her wedding dress

Just because your marriage isn't working out doesn't mean that your divorce has to be an ugly one. One Illinois woman recently celebrated her successful divorce by posing for a series of photographs depicting her disrobing from her wedding dress and then burning it. According to the woman, her ex-husband thought the idea was appropriately fun and even offered to join in the shoot. Although the scene only ultimately featured the woman and her dress, it speaks to an often overlooked element of divorce — it doesn't have to be a personal disaster.

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