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May 2017 Archives

Court rules against dividing real estate as marital property

The Fifth District Appellate court made an interesting ruling concerning marital property division recently, rejecting a man's plea that two pieces of real estate bought by his former spouse before their divorce be considered marital property. While many people assume that the law favors dividing property bought in the course of a marriage equally, the court is generally willing to hear arguments that certain property be excluded from division, if the evidence is clear enough.

Legal paths to parentage in Illinois

In Illinois, achieving legal recognition as a child's parent is integral to retaining any parental responsibilities and privileges beyond visitation. As of 2016, the law no longer distributes custody and visitation in the traditional sense. Instead, parents allocate parental responsibilities, whereas non-parents can achieve only visitation rights.

Why might a judge revoke my custody?

When couples work through a divorce and even well after, custody arrangements are usually one of the biggest sticking points for both sides. Many divorces that could otherwise have been relatively simple matters have drawn out into protracted legal battles over who gets the children and when. Of course, even once a custody order is done, the matter can change at any time if one or both parents take certain actions.

Divorcing executives face specific struggles

High-asset divorce offers many pitfalls that couples with simpler assets may never consider, and this goes doubly for divorces involving business executives. Depending on the nature of your relationship to your company, as well as any precautions you may have taken by creating a prenuptial agreement, there are a number of additional concerns that you must consider as a divorcing executive.

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