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June 2017 Archives

Will I wind up losing my business when I get divorced?

Imagine building a thriving company from its first days as an internet start-up to its IPO on the market. Then consider learning that because you and your spouse are divorcing, you will have to sell your interest in the business in order to pay him or her off when settling marital property matters.

Landmark case hurts ex-military spouses receiving retirement

Divorces have the potential to be complicated, especially when benefits like retirement become involved. Many factors play into how much money a spouse may be paid out in a settlement, and there are sometimes ways that a person could reduce that payment later, even though it was ordered by the court at one time.

3 tips for choosing a great divorce mediator

You want to work with your spouse to make sure your divorce goes smoothly, but he doesn't want to talk to you. When you do get a chance to communicate, it seems like communications shut down as fast as they open up. Maybe it's the frustration of the situation or a case of hurt feelings, but you need help to get your divorce moving.

Should I insure my child support payments?

When divorce comes knocking and you and your spouse have children, child support or alimony payments are very likely to be a part of your divorce settlement. Child support is one of the key ways that the court ensures that children have the resources they need to lead healthy lives under the care of the parent with primary custody, especially if that parent does not have a large independent income. As a parent, you obviously want the best for your children, but how can you ensure that they have everything they need in the event that you pass away?

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