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Legal paths to parentage in Illinois

In Illinois, achieving legal recognition as a child's parent is integral to retaining any parental responsibilities and privileges beyond visitation. As of 2016, the law no longer distributes custody and visitation in the traditional sense. Instead, parents allocate parental responsibilities, whereas non-parents can achieve only visitation rights.

Why might a judge revoke my custody?

When couples work through a divorce and even well after, custody arrangements are usually one of the biggest sticking points for both sides. Many divorces that could otherwise have been relatively simple matters have drawn out into protracted legal battles over who gets the children and when. Of course, even once a custody order is done, the matter can change at any time if one or both parents take certain actions.

What is legal custody?

Determining how you will share parental responsibilities and privileges with your child's other parent can be an extremely complex process. Until they face the prospect of divorce or negotiating custody, many parents do not even realize that there are several different types of custody that a parent can hold or share. Legal custody is often one of the most difficult types of custody to get one's head around.

Grandparents seek custody of orphaned children

When tragedy strikes, the law can be harsh, insisting that it be observed even as families grieve. Unfortunately, the grief process cannot postpone abiding with the law, especially when it comes to child custody. The grandparents of several newly orphaned children in Illinois are now experiencing first-hand just how difficult this process can be.

Joint custody can be complicated

Many parents want to work out some form of joint custody during a divorce proceeding, for a number of reasons. Maybe you want joint custody out of fairness to your child, or maybe you feel it will be easier to get your parenting plan approved, and simply want to get the process of divorce over as soon as possible. Whatever your reasons may be, it is always wise to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the issue before you commit to a side.

What if my child's other parent is abusive?

Complying with a visitation order can be very emotionally draining, especially when a former partner or spouse has been abusive. Unfortunately, just because a spouse has an abusive past does not preclude him or her from having visitation rights to a child. However, if your child's other parent or someone in their household has abusive tendencies toward your child, then there are steps that can be taken to protect the child from further harm.

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