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Can I wind up with the house in a collaborative divorce?

If you and your spouse are planning to split up using collaborative divorce, what happens when the two of you both want to keep the house? As the very nature of collaborative law revolves around the parties' abilities to work together to resolve their issues, this major issue can toss a monkey wrench into an otherwise civil process.

Collaborative law can help you negotiate without fear

There's an old joke that gets turned around and recycled every now and then, and it goes something like this: A pilot is flying a private jet over the Atlantic, when the plane suddenly loses power. The plane has only 4 parachutes and 5 passengers, including the pilot. In a seeming act of heroism, after the three other passengers have grabbed a parachute and jumped out the airlock, the pilot hands the last passenger the last parachute, opting to stay instead with the plane as it crashes hopelessly into the ocean. The passenger tries to convince him to grab on to him and jump, that they may both be able to use the one parachute. The pilot refuses, saying "I'd rather face certain death than possible litigation."

What are the differences between mediation and Collaborative Law?

It is easy to confuse Collaborative Law with standard mediation if you do not know the key differences. While they both can be excellent methods of resolving conflicts in a divorce and avoiding costly litigation, they are each more appropriate for respective specific situations.

Collaborative law is not a trendy fad; it is a valid solution

Unfortunately, many people in Illinois have come to mistakenly believe that the collaborative law process is just another fad. Perhaps they think it is merely a trendy way for trendy people to handle their family law problems. The truth is much different.

What are the benefits of choosing a collaborative law divorce?

It is true that many marriages fail due to massive amounts of conflict between partners. Others fail simply because a couple has drifted apart due to differing belief systems or life goals. Whatever the reason, some couples are prime candidates for a collaborative divorce, which offers many benefits over traditional litigation.

When not to choose a collaborative law divorce

We have all heard those frightening stories about the horrible things that can be said and done during a divorce. From back-stabbing and name-calling to all-out wars that seem to go on forever, it can make even the hardiest people run for cover. In an effort to side-step some of the horrors associated with a traditional divorce, more and more people are opting for collaborative or mediated divorces.

Why you should consider collaborative law for your divorce

When couples begin to think about getting a divorce, they often conjure images of bitter courtroom battles or constant disputes that last for months. These images are so frightening that some Illinois couples continue to put off the inevitability of divorce, sometimes for years. While it is always a wonderful thing if couples are able to save their marriages, staying in an unhappy, unhealthy relationship is not wonderful.

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