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Strategies to ease the headache of a toxic divorce

Individuals going through a divorce in Illinois are likely to experience heartache and conflict even in the best of cases. However, those who are divorcing a toxic spouse could have it a lot worse. When it comes to divorcing a narcissist or high-conflict individual, there are a few ways to remove the toxicity from the process.

Divorce more likely for people in certain professions

Illinois workers who have jobs in the transportation or nightlife industry may be more likely to get divorced. Furthermore, the divorce rate of people who work in math or science may be lower than the national average, according to a study presented by FlowingData based on the 2015 American Community Survey.

Successfully co-parenting with a toxic ex

Toxic relationships between ex-spouses are all too common in Illinois and throughout the country. When children are involved, the dynamics of a negative co-parenting relationship can have devastating implications following a divorce. It is difficult to find methods dealing with a toxic ex due to the level of hostile emotions that are often involved. However, there are some ways to manage the exchange between unhappy exes that can result in a safe and happy environment for the children.

Collaborative law great alternative to resolving disputes in a divorce

No matter how uncontested the divorce, the process is always stressful. One way that may help mitigate the tension and anxiety regarding property distribution or child custody matters, for instance, is through the use of collaborative law methods instead of traditional litigation.

Court tosses spouse's objections to divorce in unusual case

An interesting story from another state raised questions of guardianship and divorce as well as the status of a marriage after one spouse has undergone gender reassignment. Guardianships and family matters may intersect more as the Baby Boom generation ages. The gender reassignment question is particularly enlightening for states like Illinois that do not recognize same-sex marriage.

Top 4 tips for your first post-divorce family vacation

Summer is just around the corner, and for many families in Illinois, this means vacation time is close at hand. However, if you have recently been divorced, you may be nervous about planning your first trip as a single parent.

Live long and divorce: 1 in 4 marriages fail for over 50 crowd p2

We are continuing our discussion from our last post about the increasing number of divorces among Americans 50-years-old and older. A later-in-life divorce poses certain challenges, especially with retirement planning. And, unfortunately, the trend away from spousal maintenance in Illinois and elsewhere can mean a dramatic change in circumstances for women who spent part or all of their marriages at home.

Live long and divorce: 1 in 4 marriages fail for over 50 crowd

It is no secret that the Baby Boom generation is nearing retirement. It is no secret, either, that the divorce rate among Americans age 50 and over is on the rise. Between 1990 and 2010, the divorce rate doubled for that population; one in four Boomer marriages failed. Welcome to the phenomenon known as "gray divorce."

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