Collaborative Law

I have practiced exclusively in divorce and family law for more than 20 years. During that time, I have seen the costs of litigation, including depleted finances, frayed emotions and damaged parenting relationships.

There Is An Alternative

I devote a significant portion of my practice to collaborative law, providing men and women with an alternative to litigation. I am certified by the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois as a collaborative law attorney and focus on providing my clients with compassionate service during all phases of the process.

Collaborative Law Instead Of Contested Litigation

Many people do not want to sit down and try to reach solutions. Many people just want to fight in court and, at the end of the day, learn a very hard lesson: They have paid an enormous sum of money for their attorney to fight the fight. Yes, you may want the fight, but can you afford to pay for it?

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

Unlike mediation, which uses a neutral mediator, collaborative law consists of both spouses attending meetings with their own lawyers at their side. In collaborative law sessions, the focus is on solving problems that are preventing the divorce from being finalized.

Maintaining a positive outlook, collaborative law attorneys work with their clients to make sure their voices are heard and to reach agreements both parties can live with regarding issues such as:

Reaching An Agreement

The goal of collaborative law sessions is to reach an agreement that can become the final divorce decree. Once an agreement is reached, attorneys create legally binding divorce documents that are filed with the court.

A crucial advantage of collaborative law is that, unlike litigation and other methods of dispute resolution, spouses remain in control of the outcome. Decrees reached through agreement are often more durable than those handed down by a judge.

Give Collaborative Law A Chance

Arguing and acrimony have not taken you anywhere. Why not give cooperation a try with the help of a certified collaborative law attorney? Contact my Libertyville office today to schedule a consultation.