Libertyville Divorce Lawyer

Ending a marriage is never an easy or a pleasant task. The decision to divorce one's spouse is not one that most people make lightly. It generally comes only after a great deal of thought.

The decision to divorce, as difficult and painful as it may be, is only the first step. If you are just starting a divorce action, or if your spouse has just informed you that he or she intends to obtain a divorce, you have a long road ahead of you. You need an experienced divorce attorney to advise you and to help you through the process ahead. A divorce is not just a legal or an emotional matter. Your case will involve complex economic and financial issues and may touch upon virtually every aspect of your life. You need an attorney who will focus on what you want to accomplish in your divorce action, and who will find out how to help your individual situation while addressing such concerns as:

  • The division of marital property
  • Allocation of retirement funds and investment properties
  • Responsibility for family debts, including medical bills and the mortgage
  • Continuation of health care coverage and life insurance

I believe in taking the time to get to know my clients, and to understand their legal needs. I work hard to obtain the best possible results for my clients. Whether you'd prefer to litigate or settle your issues through mediation, I focus on finding answers that are the best for you.

If you live in or around the Libertyville, Illinois, area and want a divorce attorney who looks out for your needs and your wants, contact Cynthia Lazar through this site or by phone at 847-680-8520 to arrange a consultation. I look forward to helping you.