Parenting Mediation

Your children are the most important people in your life, so it is understandable that you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect them — even fighting a long, expensive battle in the courtroom.

But is litigation best for your children? Or your financial future? Or your emotional health?

You Have Other Options For Resolving Your Parenting Time Dispute

I am Cynthia L. Lazar, a certified mediator in Lake County, Illinois. I am also a experienced divorce lawyer, so I have experience with parenting time cases from both sides of the coin. I truly believe that in many cases, mediation offers the opportunity to effectively resolve disputes while saving money and hurt feelings.

This is crucial as you move from your divorce to the next phase of your life: co-parenting with your ex.

Do You Realize How Much Litigation Can Cost You?

Minimizing legal fees is one of the primary benefits of choosing to pursue parenting time mediation in lieu of litigation. Unlike other civil matters, your parenting time case will not be bankrolled by a corporation or insurance company; you will bear the costs. Every hour in the courtroom will result in a smaller bank account.

That can mean less money for your child's needs and future endeavors such as a college education. How do you prefer to use your money?

Issues You Can Resolve Through Mediation

Mediation can be used to resolve all of your parenting-related issues such as the initial parenting agreement, visitation agreements, parental relocation and modification of parenting schedules.

Remain In Control. Contact The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar.

Mediation leaves you in control rather than putting your child's future in the hands of a judge who is not as familiar with your situation and your child's needs. Are you ready to learn more about mediation? Contact my Libertyville office today to schedule a consultation.