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In my law firm, The Law Office of Cynthia L. Lazar, which is located in the community of Lake County, Illinois, I am known for my devotion to practicing family law as an attorney for more than 20 years in the areas of child custody, divorce, modification, mediation, child support, spousal support and other family law matters.

While this blog is a new adventure for me, I hope that it will allow me to support the greater communities of Illinois and the U.S. by providing quality information about the divorce process, alternative litigation options, like mediation, and details about changes to laws impacting family law cases and their potential outcomes.

I have helped hundreds of clients throughout my career as a divorce law attorney, so I understand what a difficult and emotional experience a divorce can be for both spouses and their children. Because of my tenure, I will try to address the basics of what couples contemplating divorce in Illinois need to know initially through this blog, as I have done on my website’s frequently asked questions page.

In addition, I will try to educate divorcing spouses about alternatives to divorce litigation, like mediation, which may be a healthier option for some couples. The role I have played as a divorce mediator will not only assist my clients, but also my blog readers, because seeing firsthand how powerful the collaborative divorce process can be for some people is enlightening.

As a dedicated family law lawyer, I am keenly aware that communication is an important tool in resolving conflicts and helping people move forward. Communication is also a great way to pass on the knowledge that I have gained through my many years as a practicing attorney. I hope that you find my blog posts both intriguing and informative, but please also visit my website. If you need more information about divorce or legal representation, please fill out my online contact form.


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