Dwyane Wade Custody Suit Under Way in Cook County

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Chicago native and NBA star Dwyane Wade entered court recently in the next phase of his divorce proceedings. The divorce from his high school sweetheart was finalized in June, with the question of custody of the couple’s children left open. The current court proceedings will determine where the two boys, aged 8 and 3, live and which parent has primary responsibility for their upbringing.

Each parent is seeking sole custody. Wade’s attorney argued that the basketball star’s ex-wife had behaved erratically and accused her of violating the visitation agreement put in place during the divorce. All of this, he continued, will break down the children’s relationship with their father.
Further, Wade’s attorney stated that the boys’ mother has no respect for the authority of the court and will continue to be “her own boss.”

Wade’s ex-wife, through her attorney, countered that Wade’s schedule as a professional athlete ill suits him as a full-time father. A good custodial parent must be present and available, the lawyer said, and someone in Wade’s position simply could not be.

The children’s representative, however, came down on Wade’s side, recommending that Wade be granted custody. In custody cases, the children are often represented by counsel of their own, appointed by the court. The representative, or “guardian ad litem,” argues what he or she believes, after considerable investigation, are the best interests of the child.

The custody arrangement, according to the children’s representative, should be more creative than sole custody. The children should have relationships with both parents, he said. He added that he believes Wade is the better choice to ensure that a more creative approach is carried out.

The divorce proceedings dragged on for years, costing both parents money and time with their children. For the children, their representative said, the money issue is settled. There is plenty, he said, but what those boys really need is stability.

Resource: Chicago Tribune “Lawyer for Children Says Dwyane Wade Should Get Custody” 9/14/10


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