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October 2010 Archives

Keeping the Spirit of Halloween All Year Long

When parents split up, it can be scary for kids. There are so many things a couple contemplating divorce or legal separation can do to make the transition easier for their kids. Halloween, the scariest time of year, is a great time to remember the basics: It's okay for kids to be spooked by ghosts and goblins this time of year, but they shouldn't be spooked about how their parents will act when it comes time to trick or treat.

Successful Co-parenting - Put Your Ego Aside

When a Chicago real estate agent and her husband decided to end their marriage, they made a conscious decision to put their egos aside and to focus on the children. As the parents of two boys, the wife said, she and her husband faced their divorce and parenting negotiations with the same goal they had during their marriage: to be a good influence on their children.

NBA Player Back in Chicago This Week For Custody Trial

2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwayne Wade spent more time in court than on the court this week. The Miami Heat basketball player has been in Chicago most of the week testifying in a trial to determine custody of his two young boys. This has been an on-going issue for many years. Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn have been going through separation and divorce for the last three years.Though the divorce was finalized last summer, an attorney was appointed by the court to represent the specific ongoing interests of the children. Counsel has recommended sole custody be awarded to Wade, though it is up to the court to make the final call. Siohvaughn's child custody lawyer solicited testimony from Wad this week, asking questions in attempt to paint Wade as the stereotypical absent father. Wade admitted his ex-wife had taken an active role in managing the boys' daily needs during the marriage.

Chicago Father Cleared of Charges After Taking Child to Church

As a follow-up to the story we discussed in our September 3rd post "Bridget Dumps Bernie - Interfaith Divorce Tough on Kids," news has been released this week that the Chicago man under a restraining order preventing him from taking his daughter to church was cleared of charges relating to his alleged violation of the restraining order.A Cook County judge ruled yesterday that the father was not in violation of the court order when he took his daughter to church in January, prior to the completion of child custody proceedings. Contempt of court could not be proven given the video captured by the television crew does not actually show the daughter in attendance at the service.

'No-fault' Divorce Now Available in All 50 States

New York joined the other 49 states this week when the "no-fault" divorce law went into effect. Illinois has allowed no-fault divorce provision since the early 1980s.

Conn. Siblings Want Their Say in Custody Decisions

Two sisters and their brother are collecting signatures in their home state of Connecticut to take an idea to state legislators. Their petition has to do with how kids participate in custody decisions. If they are successful, the idea could catch on with children in Illinois and elsewhere.

Experts Ask, 'Can This Cohabitation Be Saved?'

It seems more unmarried couples chose to live together during the recession -- a 13 percent increase from 2009 to 2010, according to the results of ASES, the Annual Social and Economic Supplement to the U.S. Census Bureau's Current Population Survey. At the same time, the number of marriages continues to decline, as did the divorce rate. Ifyou are part of an unmarried couple in Illinois, take note: Your cohabitation won't last if it was based on financial need.

Judge Calls Michigan Man "Poster Child for Irresponsibility"

Residents of Illinois may be shaking their heads in disbelief as well as relief at the recent case of a Michigan deadbeat dad. It's hard, really, for anyone to believe the facts of the case, and it's a relief to know that this guy is another state's problem. It all started when he fell behind -- way behind -- on his child support payments.

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