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May 2011 Archives

Illinois grandparents fight for visitation after son's murder

In a high-profile Illinois case, the parents of a murder victim are continuing their fight for access to their grandchild. Their son and his ex-wife had been to court themselves to settle visitation matters, and it was during one of those court-ordered visits that the ex-wife's grandmother shot and killed the man. This visitation battle has crossed state lines and landed the ex-wife in jail.

Cancer stricken mom continues battle for child custody, Update

In a recent post, we discussed a child custody battle between an Illinois father and a mother who has been battling stage four breast cancer. A judge awarded custody of their two children, ages 11 and five years old, to the father who lives in the Chicago area. However, this week the mother, who lives in North Carolina, decided to appeal the child custody award, along with the help of more than 19,000 people she has never met.

Playing the lottery with non-marital assets, part 2

We're continuing the story from our last post of the unmarried couple who won the lottery. They split up a year later, and the court had to decide how to divide their assets. Last time, we reviewed the claims of the woman, Ms. K. Here, we will review the man's, Mr. C's, claims as well as the judge's decision. And, of course, we'll also discuss how this all might have unfolded in an Illinois court.

Playing the lottery with non-marital assets, part 1

A story crossed our desk recently, a story about a couple who were not married either before or after the woman purchased a winning lottery ticket. They purchased three properties and, we hope, invested elsewhere. When they separated, a court had to determine the division of assets purchased with the $3 million.

Save the date: June 1 is right around the corner

We've posted before about how counties are planning for the day the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act goes into effect. Now, just a few weeks shy of June 1, most county clerks have new application forms and certificates in hand or on order. At last, everything seems to be in place for same-sex couples to make it legal.

Illinois Senate considers change to child custody law, cont.

In our last post, we discussed the provisions of a bill currently in the Senate Assignments Committee of the Illinois General Assembly. The bill seeks to add a presumption that joint custody is in the best interest of the child, and that joint custody should be taken to mean equal custody. Current law requires the court not to consider joint custody as the best alternative. The bill also creates a presumption that both parents are fit parents.

Illinois Senate considers change to child custody law

A bill is making its way through the Illinois Senate that could significantly change the state's approach to child custody determinations. There hasn't been much media coverage of the proposal, though a similar proposal in another state has garnered a good deal of attention.

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