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June 2011 Archives

Misunderstanding property division costs bank exec $750,000

As part of the divorce process, separating couples in Lake County and elsewhere must decide how to split up their property. Divorced people often understand their property division agreements in general terms, but it is crucial they completely understand the details of what they agree to. The penalties for not doing so were illustrated recently when a high-ranking bank executive was ordered to pay $750,000 in interest after he made a divorce settlement payment, but didn't make it in compliance with his agreement.

Divorce may cost former Potbelly CEO his shares in company

People often comment on how difficult divorce is for those of limited means. But the fact is, divorce does not have to be expensive - but it can be equally taxing for wealthy people if they are not careful as they go about the process. Nor does divorce have to be a hurtful process. Sometimes, working with a mediator can make it go much more smoothly.

Lobbying for divorce, little hope of success, conclusion

We are successfully avoiding a post about Kelsey Grammer's custody issues by talking about a law that is up for debate by elected officials about 8,000 miles away from Chicago. The Philippines is one of two countries in the world that prohibit divorce, and a handful of advocates are saying it's time that changed -- even in such a strong Roman Catholic culture.

Lobbying for the right to divorce, with little hope of success

Illinois tests the waters of same-sex civil unions, and other state legislatures grapple with the issue of gay marriage. And there are women in the world who are still lobbying for the right to divorce.

Cost of raising a child increased modestly from 2009 to 2010

This may not be news to parents, but the cost of raising a child in the United States has gone up over the past few years. Divorced parents working on child support agreements may be surprised to learn that an annual report produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has some influence on Illinois child support guidelines.

Weiner scandal is reminder to watch what you post

The saga of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is not only an example of hubris, but it is a powerful example of what not to do on your cell phone. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is not limited to politicians, nor is it limited to the East Coast. Chicago family law attorneys have their own stories of clients who unwittingly provided e-evidence for the other side in divorce or custody cases.

Foster, adoption debate sparked by civil union law

In a dispute that has been brewing since Illinois lawmakers drafted the civil union statute, Catholic Charities and the state's Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are going head-to-head about the former's obligations under the new civil union law. The religious organization receives state funding to support its foster care and adoption services.

Illinois civil union law put to the test on first day

Last Wednesday was the first day same-sex couples could register for a civil union license in Illinois. In a courthouse just a couple of hours south of Chicago, a handful of couples lined up in anticipation perhaps of long-awaited nuptials. In line with them were two same-sex couples who were seeking different rights under the new law.

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