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August 2011 Archives

Illinois court: Mother's conduct not 'extreme or outrageous', p. 2

We are continuing our discussion of what the press has dubbed the "bad mothering" case. Two children, now adults, sued their mother for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Last week, an Illinois Appellate Court dismissed the case that stemmed from a contentious divorce and stressful custody arrangements.

Illinois court: Mother's conduct not 'extreme or outrageous'

An Illinois Appellate Court dismissed an unusual lawsuit last week. Two adult children had sued their mother for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Their complaints stem from the contentious divorce of their parents more than 15 years ago.

When long-term marriages end, the real trouble can start, p. 2

We are continuing the discussion from our last post, about long-term marriages coming to an end. There are no hard and fast statistics, but family law attorneys in Chicago and elsewhere report a higher volume of older clients, some married for 25 or 30 years, looking to divorce.

When long-term marriages end, the real trouble can start

A friend of ours announced recently that her parents were celebrating their 60th anniversary. Their marriage is rare, especially these days. Divorce attorneys in Illinois and elsewhere report counseling more couples looking to end their long-term marriages. Many times, a husband and wife drift apart over the years -- like Al and Tipper Gore, for example -- and decide to go their separate ways.

Illinois dioceses 'have no legal right' to contract with state

A judge handed down a decision this week that settles the argument -- for now -- between four Catholic dioceses and the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services. We have followed the case since early June, when a handful of dioceses objected to Catholic Charities providing adoption and foster care services to gay couples who have entered into a civil union.

Rolling Stone founder gathered moss for 16 years before divorcing

It's hard to imagine Rolling Stone magazine without Jann Wenner. Chicago fans of the iconic magazine may have to get used to the idea, though. Jane Wenner, the editor/publisher's estranged wife, has filed for divorce, a move that some say means the Wenners will be selling.

Illinois father involved in international child custody dispute

An Illinois father who has been involved in an ongoing international child custody dispute is hoping to prevent other Illinois parents from having to go through the same ordeal that he has. He is gaining momentum with a petition proposing new legislation to be called "Emily's Law" in honor of his daughter, who is at the center of his child custody dispute.

US Supreme Court: No right to lawyer in child support cases (p.2)

We are continuing our discussion of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in a case about child support. The appellant hadn't been able to pay. The family court found him in contempt and sentenced him to a year in jail. The Supreme Court was asked if a non-custodial parent has the right to counsel in a child custody hearing when incarceration is a possible outcome.

US Supreme Court: No right to lawyer in child support cases (p.1)

This past March, we talked about a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. One of the issues involved civil contempt for past due child support payments. The Court handed down its ruling recently, and the result could mean some changes to Illinois courts.

Illinois congressman in high-profile child support dispute

A congressman from Illinois has been embroiled in a headline-grabbing child support dispute for the past week or so. Joe Walsh, who represents the state's 8th District, meets the stories with accusations of political backlash. Court documents from December show that Rep. Walsh owed $117,437 in child support payments to his ex-wife. The 8th District includes portions of Lake, McHenry and Cook counties.

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