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September 2011 Archives

Catholic Charities loses latest round in fight with DCFS

The dispute between Catholic Charities and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services continues, with the most recent round going to the government. The organization has been trying to hold onto its state contracts to provide foster care and adoption services. Several dioceses from across the state have joined together to maintain the longstanding relationship. The Rockford Diocese is not involved.

Physical and verbal abuse are most common reasons for divorce p2

We are continuing our discussion of the results of a recent poll about marriage and divorce. The researchers talked to 1,500 Americans and asked respondents to name the primary reason they chose to divorce. As we said in our last post, the reason cited most often was abuse.

Physical and verbal abuse are most common reasons for divorce

Researchers recently polled 1,500 Americans about marriage and divorce. They were particularly interested in the reasons couples split up. In Illinois and elsewhere, financial troubles have long been accepted as the number one cause of friction in a marriage and, so, the number one reason for a couple to separate or divorce.

There's a small hotel, with a divorce lawyer, concl.

In our last post, we started talking about an innovative business in the Netherlands. The company offers divorce mediation services for couples. Nothing new, certainly -- except that couples meet at four- or five-star hotels for three days to work out the settlement.

There's a small hotel, with a wishing well - and a divorce lawyer

In the 1939 version of The Women, Norma Shearer travels to a dude ranch in a western state (known as a gambling mecca) to get divorced. She must stay there for a while, to establish residency and to relax a little, to live quietly as she plans her new life. Other women soon join her, all in the throes of divorce, and the drama that ensues at that ranch is more delicious than a Chicago Dog on a warm spring day.

7th Circuit intervenes in Illinois child custody case, part 2

We are continuing our discussion of the Illinois family law case that the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on earlier in September. As we said, it is not often that a custody dispute will land in a federal court. It happened in this case because the matter crossed international borders.

Illinois court: Mother's conduct not 'extreme or outrageous', p. 3

This is the last post in a series about a case that an Illinois Appellate Court dismissed recently. The plaintiffs are a brother and sister, both adults, whose parents divorced 15 years ago. They accused their mother of intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

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