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October 2011 Archives

A chilly Halloween may mean a freeze-out next year (p2)

In our last post, we were discussing Halloween and a Huffington Post article that posited an interesting theory. The author suggested that a couple's behavior on Halloween can predict how their marriage will fare over the next year. She gives a few examples of changes in Halloween celebrations that can lead to divorce.

A chilly Halloween may mean a freeze-out next year

Halloween is supposed to be spooky and scary, but in a good way, right? A Huffington Post article last week suggested that a couples' Halloween is a fairly accurate indicator of how the marriage will fare in the coming year. If the holiday is still fun, a couple should be okay. If Chicago's forecast of 39 degrees and clear skies is met by an arctic blast indoors, that couple could be headed for divorce in 2012.

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son, concl.

We are wrapping up our discussion of an Illinois man's struggle to change Japan's child custody laws. The man has been living apart from his now ex-wife for four years. During that time, he has visited his son every six weeks for four hours. He believes Japan's sole custody system is inherently biased against fathers.

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son, cont.

We are continuing our discussion from our last post. An Illinois native, now living in Japan, has discovered the hard way that that country's child custody system differs significantly from the system here. The 45-year-old English teacher believes it's time for a change, and he recently completed a 1,500 km bike ride to make his point.

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son

An Illinois native has completed a month-long bike ride that he hopes will result in changes to child custody laws. He lives in Japan; his son and his ex-wife live more than 500 miles away from him there. According to his visitation agreement, he is allowed to see his son for five hours every six weeks.

A failed marriage doesn't have to mean a failed small business p3

We're finishing up our discussion of small businesses and family law. The two are often inextricably linked. The most public example is the McCourts. The couple's divorce has taken a serious financial toll on the baseball team they own, and many say the divorce is responsible for a management vacuum, as well.

A failed marriage doesn't have to mean a failed small business p2

We are picking up where our Oct. 4 post left off. We were discussing small businesses, their owners and founders, and the effect marital discord can have on the business. A recent article reminded us that divorce can exact a high price from a Chicago small business by distracting the owner and, perhaps, draining the company's financial resources.

Child support agreement between Mel and Oksana, finally

It appears that Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, have finally reached an amicable agreement concerning their daughter. The couple has fought over child support and custody for quite some time. The daughter is almost 2.

A failed marriage doesn't have to mean a failed small business

Almost half of all Americans work in small businesses. Economists agree that small businesses will fuel the economic turnaround. In Chicago and elsewhere, policymakers are debating how to encourage entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and how to help small businesses grow. All eyes are on the small business owner, it seems.

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