Child support agreement between Mel and Oksana, finally

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It appears that Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, have finally reached an amicable agreement concerning their daughter. The couple has fought over child support and custody for quite some time. The daughter is almost 2.

The court approved the settlement, under which Oksana will receive periodic payments of $750,000 as well as possession of a multimillion dollar home. Gibson will establish a trust for their daughter, and, when she turns 18, the home will be sold and the proceeds transferred to her. Gibson is also required to pay Oksana’s attorney fees. The total value of the settlement is reportedly between $3 and $4 million.

Over a year ago, Grigorieva charged Gibson with assault. He subsequently entered what is called a “west plea” to a charge of simple battery. By doing so, he did not technically contest the battery charge, but the plea allowed him to maintain his innocence. Nevertheless, a plea in a domestic violence case can complicate custody agreements.

As with all custody and child support agreements, the court will remain involved. Public policy and state law prohibit these agreements from being permanent. Each party has the right to petition for an amendment. For its part, the court must follow the “best interest of the child” doctrine when approving the original or amended settlement.

Gibson, Oksana and their dirty laundry remain in the spotlight. Last week, tabloids reported that Gibson had paid an additional $100,000 to Oksana’s 14-year-old son. According to these reports, the money was to compensate the boy for waiving his rights to sue Gibson; Gibson allegedly terrorized him during a fight with Oksana in early 2009.

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