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November 2011 Archives

Court denies request to collect way past-due child support

The high court in another state has rejected a request from a woman who wanted to collect delinquent child support payments -- some of which dated back more than 40 years. The court sided with the woman's ex-husband, who cited that the state's 20-year statute of limitations protected him from collection. In Illinois, the statute of limitation on child support is much shorter, typically two years, making such cases almost unheard of here.

Childrens' names lead to custody and abuse questions

Celebrities give their children unusual names, and most people raise an eyebrow. Apple, Moon Unit, Zeppelin and Pirate -- yes, even Blanket -- are fodder for late-night comedians. But if someone heard that name in a Chicago fast food restaurant, chances are good that no one would accuse the parents of abuse and launch a court action for custody of the child.

Is Illinois child support a zero-sum game, or do some just get zero? p3

This is not a new topic for us. For the last couple of posts, and in many past posts, we have discussed the challenges surrounding child support payments. For the custodial parent, a few missed payments can spell true financial hardship. For some non-custodial parents, the will may be there, but the means just aren't -- next thing you know, that parent is in jail on contempt charges.

Is Illinois child support a zero-sum game, or do some just get zero? p2

We were talking about child support and collection practices in Illinois in our last post. When a non-custodial parent fails to make timely or regular support payments, the custodial parent and children are, unsurprisingly, at risk. What people may lose sight of, though, is that the single-parent family is at risk sometimes even if support is current.

Is Illinois child support a zero-sum game, or do some just get zero?

An article in Chicago Parent recently caught our attention. The article is about collecting (and calculating) child support in Illinois, but it touches on the financial impact of divorce on women. With media coverage focusing so much on celebrities and politicians, it is all too easy to forget about the woman down the street whose husband has missed so many payments that she's now behind on rent and utility bills, in danger of being evicted.

Illinois Rep., behind on child support, praised as family advocate

Congressman Joe Walsh is again a source of controversy. Walsh is the freshman U.S. Representative from Illinois' 8th District who made headlines over the summer for failing to pay child support to his ex-wife. The 8th District includes parts of Lake, McHenry and Cook counties.

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