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January 2012 Archives

Illinois lawmakers look to update child support laws

With talk of many states considering overhauling their alimony and child support regulations, it's surprising that the Illinois Legislature is considering a move to update the state's child support laws. There is a sense among advocates of child support reform that the laws are outdated and should do more to reflect the complexity of today's family situations.

Foreign court undoes "I do" by saying "You didn't"

Marriage and divorce laws differ from state to state, just as they differ between Canada and the United States. Generally, if your marriage is recognized in one state or one country, it will be recognized in another. And if you follow the laws of Illinois when you got married, you should be able to get divorced in Illinois, assuming again that you follow the divorce laws.

Illinois appeals court OKs maintenance award in sham marriage

After talking about annulment in our last post, we came across an unusual case involving an Illinois man and his Canadian wife. In divorce proceedings, the couple did not deny that they had never consummated the marriage. Usually, this would be grounds for an annulment, but that wasn't really an option -- because they had been married for 17 years.

Jackson and Kardashian have more in common than you'd think p2

An article about annulment caught our attention recently, and not just because it talked about the small group of celebrities, including Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian (if her husband gets his way), who have had marriages annulled. It gives us the opportunity to discuss the differences between annulment and divorce.

Jackson and Kardashian have more in common than you'd think

That's Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian, two members of an exclusive group of celebrities. What is the common element that these women share with, among a handful of others, Renee Zellweger and Pamela Anderson? Some people will come close if they guess divorced after brief marriages. More accurately, though, all have gone through (or may go through, in Kardashian's case) the annulment of a marriage.

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