Brinkley, ex-husband publicly trade insults in custody dispute

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Christie Brinkley will return to the stage in April. She will play Roxie Hart in the musical “Chicago,” a career move that ex-husband Peter Cook claims is behind her public accusations regarding their ongoing dispute over custody and support of their children. Brinkley’s camp counters that Cook was the one to take the argument to the media when he agreed to a TV interview.

The couple split in 2008, and the circumstances made headlines. The public learned that Cook, a noted architect, had been romantically involved with the 18-year-old daughter of a neighbor, had an Internet pornography habit and had bullied Brinkley and their children.

Brinkley and Cook have one child together; Cook adopted Brinkley’s youngest son (by her third husband) shortly after they wed. They were married for 12 years.

The most recent court matter involves Brinkley’s claim that Cook owes her $32,000 to cover expenses for the children and $140,000 in fines. The fines stem from a court order that requires Cook to pay $5,000 each time he bullies Brinkley. The amount indicates Cook has violated the order 28 times.

Cook denies all allegations in his 91-page response. He says, in fact, that Brinkley owes him money — $25,000 for taking care of the children during her stint in “Chicago.” He also claims that she is harming the children by making the dispute public.

Brinkley’s attorney issued a statement recently that put the blame squarely on Cook. It was Cook who violated his marriage vows, who dragged his family into the spotlight and who continually ignored the confidentiality agreement the couple agreed to in their divorce settlement.

During their divorce proceedings, a court psychiatrist said both Cook and Brinkley needed therapy, according to the Daily Mail. With every hurled insult, though, the question may shift instead to what the children need.

Source: Daily Mail, “Christie Brinkley accuses ex-husband of ‘circus-like publicity tour’ after he said she was ‘throwing her family under a bus’ in public custody battle,” Jill Reilly, March 9, 2012


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