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July 2012 Archives

Military deployments shouldn't affect custody, panel says

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces face a few more complications when it comes to child custody decisions. The hardest thing for them and for the courts to figure out is how to deal with deployments to another state or another country. The military parent has no choice but to follow orders and follow them on short notice, and that can mean precious little time to modify a custody agreement, revise visitation schedules and have everything approved by the court.

Term life insurance: A hidden asset in divorce? (cont.)

We have been talking about something that often goes overlooked in a divorce: term life insurance. Couples often invest in term life policies as an estate planning tool. The unexpected death of one spouse can be financially devastating to the other; if there are kids involved, the loss of the primary wage-earner can be a disaster.

Custody battle sends 5-year-old from Chicago to Ireland

A 5-year-old boy born and raised in Illinois has been sent to Ireland to live there with his father. The international child custody fight has focused on the fact that, under Irish law, the child is a citizen of Ireland, despite, according to his mother, never having previously set foot on the Emerald Isle.

Mediation, collaboration in divorce are better for the kids

Family law professionals in Illinois say that couples are opting for mediation and collaboration in divorce more and more of late. The economy may be one reason: On average, litigation is about ten times more expensive than the alternatives. Another reason that couples have cited is that mediation and collaboration are much easier on their children.

TomKat's unlikely union fizzles; Suri's fate hangs in the balance!

For those of us who are fascinated by the lives of the rich and famous, the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will be the source of endless media coverage for a while. According to news reports, Holmes has filed for divorce. According to rumor and speculation, she is asking for sole custody and child support; property division and spousal support are subject to the couple's prenuptial agreement, assuming that they have one.

Researchers find unexpected benefit to divorce in other countries

For the most part, everyone reacts to the end of a marriage in his or her own way. No two people are alike when it comes to dealing with a divorce. According to new research published in the journal Lancet, American women may have more in common than we think -- or, at the very least, more in common with one another than we have with women from other countries.

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