Randy Jackson’s plate is full of child support, MJ estate drama

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Randy Jackson, the youngest of Michael Jackson’s eight siblings, has been center stage in a fight over control of Michael’s estate. He is rumored to have authored a letter to the probate court calling for the ouster of the lawyers in charge of Michael’s estate. Four other members of his generation of Jacksons signed along with him. Randy also played a part in his mother’s recent “disappearance.”

According to Randy and the others, they are trying to protect Michael’s legacy and his children’s interests. According to celebrity news outlets, Randy is motivated by the child support debt he has racked up. He reportedly owes $500,000 to the mother of two of his children.

The mother is also his ex-sister-in-law. She gave birth to Randy’s children while married to his brother Jermaine. She and Jermaine also have children together, and Jermaine is also apparently behind in support payments.

Randy was not a member of the Jackson 5. The surviving four — Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Jackie — have been on the road with Michael’s hologram for the past few months. The tour is “The Unity Tour,” but the family is far from united when it comes to Michael’s estate and their mother’s role in raising Michael’s children.

The source of much of this information is RadarOnline, a celebrity news site that has broken more than a few stories about stars’ troubles. With regard to the Jacksons, the website says that Randy and Jermaine looked to Michael’s estate for help paying off the child support debts; the estate apparently turned them down.

Randy insists that the dispute with the estate’s executors has nothing to do with the back child support. The timing of the letter has “unnamed sources” questioning his motives, though. Others note that the family has challenged the will multiple times since Michael’s death in 2009, a fact that argues against Randy’s being involved this time just for the money.

No one has reported any family court actions against Randy or Jermaine. It’s unclear if the mother of their children will press charges at all.

Source: NewsOne, “Randy Owes Former Sister-In-Law Now Baby Momma $500K In Child Support,” Ruth Manuel-Logan, Aug. 1, 2012


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