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September 2012 Archives

Just married? A postnuptial agreement may be a good idea

When getting married, it is important to protect the assets you have, especially if a prenuptial agreement was never drafted or talked about. However, postnuptial agreements exist and are no longer just a tool for the wealthiest of Americans to protect their assets. More middle class couples in Illinois are signing these agreements in an effort to avoid conflict in the future.

McCourt accused of dodging Dodgers' true value in divorce

Chicago Cubs fans may not be happy with their team's place in the standings, but there may be a sense of schadenfreude in knowing that one of the most reviled men in baseball, former Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt, is back in court. McCourt's ex-wife Jamie says she reluctantly filed suit after other approaches failed. She says McCourt understated the value of the Dodgers in the couple's property settlement.

Stress from divorce may follow sons for rest of their lives

No one will argue that divorce is difficult for children. A study scheduled for publication in the International Journal of Stroke raises some interesting questions about the differences between boys' and girls' reactions to divorce. The researchers were careful to say, however, that the results are not predictive of every child in every family, either in Libertyville or across the globe.

No visitation, no drive: Illinois law honors slain dad

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Steven Watkins Memorial Act into law in August, giving Watkins' family a victory in a hard-fought legislative battle. The law gives family court judges the power to revoke the driver's license of a custodial parent if that parent refuses to allow court-ordered visits of the children and the noncustodial parent.

Ex-con, exoneration, ex-wife: An interesting property division dilemma

As we have discussed in earlier posts, Illinois is not a "community property" state. Instead of splitting marital property 50/50 in a divorce, the parties -- or the court -- divide property equitably, taking a number of factors into consideration. It is hard to say if the case we discuss below would be decided any differently in an equitable property division state, but the outcome in the community property jurisdiction was pretty interesting.

Economic woes affecting single mothers and children

In Illinois, more than one third of single mothers live in poverty. Research suggests that, although the economic recession is partially to blame, many mothers who have legal custody of their children are receiving little or no child support from the children's fathers.

Children don't need toys, they need stability during divorce

Divorce can be stressful. Not only can it be hectic and emotional for the adults involved, but it can also be a drastic change in the life to any children in the family. Those children might seek attention from both of their parent during the divorce, and express their emotions. It is good for children to talk about their feelings, and parents should always be willing to listen. However, sometimes parents buy their children gifts and even confide in their children in order to lift their spirits and help a parent feel better at the same time.

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