Children don’t need toys, they need stability during divorce

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Divorce can be stressful. Not only can it be hectic and emotional for the adults involved, but it can also be a drastic change in the life to any children in the family. Those children might seek attention from both of their parent during the divorce, and express their emotions. It is good for children to talk about their feelings, and parents should always be willing to listen. However, sometimes parents buy their children gifts and even confide in their children in order to lift their spirits and help a parent feel better at the same time.

While taking the children on a shopping spree might act as a way to escape for the short term, and it might even get them to temporarily forget about the disagreements their parents have, these activities don’t serve a long-term or healthy purpose. Parents who have guilt about the divorce would do good to focus on the long-term benefits a divorce might have on their own life and the life of their children.

It is important that parents focus on their children, but not in the way that they spoil them rotten. Parent may want to try to following tips:

-Don’t spoil your children with gifts beyond the ordinary. Material goods don’t relieve stress and emotions.

-Don’t tell your children the intimate details of your divorce. It isn’t their place to be split between parents.

-Encourage the other parent to be a good parent and be involved in their life.

These are tips that may help smooth the difficult transition for everyone in the family, specifically the children. While all situations are different, an experienced divorce attorney will understand the emotions involved with child custody.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Attention, Guilt-Ridden Divorced Parents!,” Christina Pesoli, Aug. 31, 2012

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