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November 2012 Archives

Online classes available for Chicago area divorcees

Although the process of divorce can quickly become contentious, with high stakes in assets and property divvyed between the separating partners, those splits involving children must, by necessity, take on a marked degree of cooperation as well. In fact, the state of Illinois itself takes specific action in divorces between parents, working to ensure that young children are properly cared for during and after separation.

Common ways spouses hide assets during divorce

Divorce can have a huge impact on both spouses' finances and has led many spouses getting divorced to try and hide their assets. Hiding assets has become more common in divorces today so it is important for individuals to know the signs and consequences of hiding assets during divorce.

Holidays and family drama are normal, both pre- and post-divorce 2

We are continuing our discussion of how newly divorced or separated people cope with family holidays. In our last post, we talked about couples without children and their challenges at family gatherings.

Holidays and family drama are normal, both pre- and post-divorce

It may be a bit of a cliché now that family holidays bring out the worst in everyone, whether your family lives within 10 minutes or 10 hours of Lake County. For adult children and their spouses, spending time with grandparents and surrounded by children looks great on paper. In reality, though, old arguments and resentments come out, and tension mounts. For family members who are newly separated or divorced, the dynamic is even more complicated.

State, US data say no end in sight for child support problems

For custodial parents who are owed child support payments, the problem goes beyond making ends meet. As one Illinois mom puts it, "It takes a toll on everything, and the stress is overbearing." Her son, she says, hasn't seen his dad for 15 years. After years of financial and emotional struggle, two bankruptcies and unsuccessful efforts to collect the money his father owes, her 18-year-old son's distrust of men extends well beyond his dad.

Mediation may resolve newly divorced parents' Turkey Day disputes

Families throughout Illinois are likely making preparations for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Whether holiday arrangements involve making grandma's famous turkey stuffing or abiding by other long-held family traditions, this time of year can become complicated for freshly divorced families.

Custody agreement sours with news of second child

The definition of "family" has changed so much over the past few years. In any neighborhood here in Lake County, for instance, there can be married and unmarried couples with or without children, single parents with children, grandparents raising their grandchildren ... as many different families as there are houses. Some families start off as more traditional, while others are forged by choices some of us didn't think possible not too many years ago.

Online media makes adultery both quicker and more risky

The days of discreetly advertising for a partner in the classifieds section is long gone. Today married partners who are looking to break their vows and have an affair have untold resources available to them, from text messages to Facebook to subscription-based online dating sites.

Group offers help for separated fathers

Divorce, child custody, and child support rulings can often be difficult for separated fathers to cope with. The prospect of being denied a role in the lives of their children is one that many Illinois men must confront after their traditional role as family provider and protector is revoked. When a father in this situation is also bouncing back from a lost job or time behind bars, the combination of hardships can seem insurmountable.

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