Online media makes adultery both quicker and more risky

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The days of discreetly advertising for a partner in the classifieds section is long gone. Today married partners who are looking to break their vows and have an affair have untold resources available to them, from text messages to Facebook to subscription-based online dating sites.

Cheating on a partner is today much less of a logistic challenge, as personal phones, computers, and email addresses allow husbands and wives to keep entire relationships secret from their spouses. Especially in large cities like Chicago, would-be cheaters might only need a few minutes to connect with a new potential partner. However, the technology that makes finding an adulterous partner easier may make the inevitable divorce case much more costly.

This recent trend in adultery has only grown in the past years with the advent of smartphones and social media, with the most drastic change being in the way in which an affair begins. In the past many affairs were dependent on a chance encounter, often unexpected. Now, however, cheaters are able actively solicit an affair, usually by way of “social media, bulletin boards, and subscription sites.”

Although new technology seems to make cheaters’ lives easier, spouses should bear in mind that attorneys can and frequently do subpoena online profiles and posted classified ads in divorce litigation. Digital footprints including text messages, cellphone records, and emails are all prime evidence in legal separation cases, and can quickly put a cheating spouse at a serious disadvantage.

Partners dissatisfied with their marriage and looking for affection elsewhere should be wise to remember both their initial wedding vows and the likelihood that their online dealings could very well see the light of day in divorce court. For married partners who either suspect their partner of cheating or have been themselves exposed, getting in touch with an attorney specializing in divorce can help ensure the strongest legal position possible.

Source: Huffington Post, “High-Tech Cheating: Affairs in the Age of Facebook,” Natalie Gregg, Nov. 9, 2012

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