Actor Dennis Quaid and wife file for divorce

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Many years ago, a satiric columnist for now-defunct Premiere magazine wrote about leading male actors of the day. She went through a number of big names, but every so often, three words, in capital letters, would sneak in: DENNIS DENNIS DENNIS. She finally admitted that there was no getting past it: She was madly in love with Dennis Quaid.

In the end, as we recall, the columnist’s true identity was revealed: She is a man. But the Premiere column lives on as a reminder that Libby Gelman-Waxner was brave enough to admit to a love shared by perhaps an entire generation of women here in Illinois. Dennis Dennis Dennis, indeed.

Gelman-Waxner may be interested to find out that Quaid and his third wife are divorcing. The couple married in 2004 and has 4-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. Their children, in fact, made headlines just days after they were born in 2007 when they received a massive overdose of a dangerous drug.

Quaid filed for divorce in his new home state as soon as he had met the six-month residency requirement. The filing came as no surprise to entertainment news outlets, as his wife had filed then withdrawn divorce papers in March of this year, and in October she filed for legal separation.

According to court documents, Quaid is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the twins. He has also offered to pay spousal maintenance.

His last marriage, to Meg Ryan, ended in 2001. They have a son together, Jack, who is now 20 — and perhaps the object of obsession for a younger generation of Libby Gelman-Waxners.

Source:, “Dennis Quaid files third divorce, estranged from Kimberly Buffington,” Belky Perez Schwartz, Dec. 1, 2012

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