Another athlete in contempt of court over missed support payments

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In water cooler chats about celebrities’ child support debts, most have refrained from making jokes about Dennis Rodman’s hair matching his prison jumpsuit if he misses another child support payment. The former Chicago Bull, now retired, recently appeared in court for underpaying child support owed his ex-wife. The couple split in 2004, but nine years will have passed before the support, custody and visitation plans are final; the Rodmans are due back in court on Jan. 24, 2013.

Rodman was ordered to increase the child support payments for his two children two years ago. According to his attorney, Rodman did not attend the hearing and a mistake with legal paperwork left him ignorant of the increase. The result was several months of underpayment.

The most recent court appearance ended better than it could have for Rodman. The court found him in contempt, but there won’t be any jail time for the player if he follows through with his promise to pay $500,000 to his ex. The original debt was closer to $850,000; the parties settled on the lower amount during the hearing.

Unfortunately, Rodman’s payment record is spotty. In May, a court found him guilty of four counts of contempt of court for failing to make support payments in 2009 and 2010. Since May, he has completed his sentence: 104 hours of community service.

Rodman’s attorney told the press that she would appeal the $500,000 settlement that the parties agreed to. She explained that Rodman had not been present at the hearing and was not, therefore, able to challenge the new payment amount.

The couple must resolve all support, custody and visitation issues before the January hearing.

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