Kelly Hildebrandt is divorcing Kelly Hildebrandt

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Illinois residents may have heard about the famed same-name couple of Kelly C. Hildebrandt and Kelly K. Hildebrandt. Both were given the name Kelly Hildebrandt at birth, and they gained notoriety after a whirlwind engagement and wedding. Now they are back in the news due to their pending divorce.

How did they find each other? Curious about whether there might be other people with her same name, the female Kelly (Kelly K.) decided to search Facebook. She came across this male Kelly Hildebrandt and reached out about their shared name.

That started two months of online correspondence between the pair, and they met face-to-face two months after that. It seemed like a fun way to meet, and each thought they had met the right person to marry. They became engaged that same year and were married the next.

Three years after they tied the knot, the Hildebrandts have decided to call it quits. They filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The husband (Kelly C.) explains that they ultimately found they really were from two different worlds, and the common name was not enough to bridge them.

Despite their efforts to make it work, the couple is now facing the same issue that any divorcing couple without children would have to: division of their marital property and debt, if any.

One thing that neither Hildebrandt will have to worry about, of course, is changing his or her name to reflect their new status.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Same Name Couple, Kelly Carl Hildebrandt and Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, Are Divorcing,” Jan. 14, 2013


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