Dwyane Wade’s ex claims kids’ activities keep them from her

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Being a single parent is not easy, especially in this age of extra-curricular activities. It is hard enough for two parents to juggle soccer practices and games, music or dance lessons or any of the multitude of enriching activities available to kids today. Being a single parent can mean coordinating all of those schedules alone. Being a non-custodial parent in a difficult divorce and custody situation can mean losing parenting time to those activities.

That, at least, is what professional basketball player Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade says. The couple’s family court dealings started in Chicago but moved to Wade’s new home state last summer. Their most recent disagreement ended with Wade gaining full custody of their two sons and Funches-Wade being granted visitation on alternate weekends and certain holidays.

Funches-Wade’s attorney said her client traveled to Florida to see the children recently. When she arrived, though, her 11-year-old was not there. He was in Detroit, playing basketball with his travel league. If the tables were turned, the attorney said, and the father were left with no parenting time, he would be accusing the mother of parental alienation.

The court filings seek to enforce other parts of the custody agreement as well. For one, the agreement called for Wade to pay travel expenses for Funches-Wade’s weekend visits. She says that reimbursements have been slow in coming, if they come at all.

The Wades have been battling over custody for three years now. Last year, Wade accused his ex-wife of kidnapping their children (as we discussed in our June 27, 2012, post). He later dropped the charges.

Source: Gossip Extra, “Dwyane Wade’s Ex: Our Son’s Basketball Interferes With Family Time!” April 23, 2013


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