Collaborative law great alternative to resolving disputes in a divorce

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No matter how uncontested the divorce, the process is always stressful. One way that may help mitigate the tension and anxiety regarding property distribution or child custody matters, for instance, is through the use of collaborative law methods instead of traditional litigation.

Collaborative law is an alternative way to going to court to resolve disputes and is often used in a divorce. With collaboration, couples essentially troubleshoot the problems without involving a judge. In a nutshell, each party acquires legal representation and all attempt to work out an agreement.

Depending on the situation, additional professionals may get involved in the collaborative process in order to help the parties come to a resolution. Mental health counselors, financial advisors, child specialists and appraisers are all examples of experts that are often utilized during the collaboration process. After all decisions are made, each party signs a contractual binding agreement.

Another benefit to collaboration is that it saves time by allowing parties to get past emotional issues-like fighting over who gets to keep the family pet-often at the heart of many divorces. Typically, courts do not tackle such tense problems.

Saving time, money and stress are needed in any divorce where parties simply want to get on with their lives.

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