After separation, TV star’s husband files for divorce

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Divorce is a major legal and life decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it may become a necessary move. For Illinois couples trying to determine their next steps, a trial separation may be a first step. After a period of time apart, couples can reassess and determine if they should move forward with a divorce.

Readers may be interested to know that Eliza Coupe, known for her tenure on the shows “Happy Endings” and “Scrubs,” appears to be headed to divorce court after several months of separation from her husband of five years. Coupe’s spouse, acting coach Randall Whittinghill, submitted divorce papers.

One interesting point in this filing is that Whittinghill requested spousal support from Coupe. Many people may assume that women almost always receive alimony, but payments are dictated by a spouse’s relative income more than anything else. In this case, it may be that Coupe has a higher income or greater assets than Whittinghill. By seeking spousal support, a person is attempting to even out financial disparities caused by divorce.

At this point, reports don’t indicate if Coupe has responded to her husband’s divorce filing. Her reaction could set the tone for the remainder of the split.

When working through divorce proceedings, financial issues can become a major sticking point. Couples may disagree about how to best divide assets or whether alimony should actually be included in the settlement. Despite some differences, couples can come together to ensure fairness, perhaps with divorce mediation. The reality is that divorce doesn’t have to be a heated contest; rather, an amicable approach can produce a mutually agreeable financial settlement.

Source: Daily Mail, “Not such a Happy Ending: Actress Eliza Coupe’s husband files for divorce after her hit show is also cancelled,” July 2, 2013


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