Ex-wife sues NBA star over endorsement and marketing income

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Siohvaughn Funches-Wade is taking her ex-husband, Illinois native and nine-time NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade, to court again. The couple has struggled very publicly with child custody issues since they divorced in 2010. This complaint, however, involves the division of property and names his agent, his lead divorce attorney and four companies he has endorsement or marketing arrangements with as Wade’s co-defendants.

According to Funches-Wade’s complaint, the couple entered into an Agreed Preliminary Injunction in 2008. Wade had filed for divorce, and the API detailed the couple’s financial arrangements. Among the provisions was the subject of this lawsuit: Wade’s income from endorsements and marketing deals. The funds were to be deposited “immediately and directly” into a neutral account. A portion of those funds would then be distributed to Funches-Wade.

That has not happened, she says. Instead, the funds have been paid directly to Wade, either because he has not told the companies and the NBA to deposit payments into the account or because he has specifically directed them not to.

She does not say that none of the money has made it into the account. She alleges that Wade and his advisers have only deposited a portion of the money. Court documents also indicate that Funches-Wade notified the companies directly of her concerns and instructed them to deposit any payments directly into the separate account.

Wade retaliated, the complaint states, by obtaining an injunction barring her from interfering with his endorsement and marketing contracts.

It is not clear how much money Funches-Wade may be owed, but Wade’s recent NBA championship, the second consecutive win for his team, will likely increase his earning power. The lawsuit asks for $1 million in damages. There was no mention of restitution or injunctive relief.


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