A new wrinkle – and maybe a new mom – for Michael Jackson’s kids

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Michael Jackson cannot, it seems, rest in peace. The pop icon died in 2009 as he was preparing for a tour, a comeback of sorts. His physical health had been fragile, his mental health had long been the subject of speculation, his legal troubles were legion, and his finances were a mess. From the relatively remote confines of Lake County, it looked as if the guy could use a long break. The only thing that seemed to be going well for him was his relationship with his children.

That is not to say that his children themselves were never the sources of speculation — or concern. As Jackson’s behavior became more bizarre, his fans and critics alike expressed concern over how the children were doing. Now, as his mother’s wrongful death suit against the concert promoter drags on, Jackson’s sons and daughter are apparently feeling the pain of public scrutiny acutely.

Jackson’s ex-wife is the acknowledged mother of the two older kids, Prince and Paris. When the youngest, Blanket, appeared on the scene, Jackson said only that the mother was an unnamed surrogate. Jackson’s mother Katherine and his cousin, TJ, are co-guardians of the three. Ex-wife Debbie Rowe occasionally comes forward, for the most part, it seems, to support the guardians’ decisions regarding her children.

Her purported children, we should say. A woman has filed a lawsuit seeking visitation and guardianship of all three kids. She says she is the biological mother of Prince, Paris and Blanket — she says, in fact, that it was she who gave Blanket his nickname.

Court documents tell the tale of her relationship with Jackson. We’ll get into it more in our next post.

Source: Examiner.com, “Woman claims to be biological mother to Michael Jackson’s kids,” Kelly Cozzone, Sep. 10, 2013


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