A new wrinkle – and maybe a new mom – for MJ’s kids (part 3)

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Raising children can be tough — so tough, at times, that we sometimes wonder that people try it at all. Just ask any Lake County parent about decisions regarding their children, and you will surely find that even happily married couples can disagree completely on things like education, religious upbringing and discipline.

Imagine, then, how it would feel to watch someone else make those decisions for your children. And imagine that those children are very much in the public eye and that they have no idea that you even exist. Then add in the idea that you so strongly disagree with what you see happening to your children that you can no longer remain silent.

This is the situation with Christine Leroux, according to her lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate. She says she is the biological mother of all three of Jackson’s children, and the time has come that she become a fixture in their lives. She is asking for visitation and requesting that the court remove Jackson’s mother and nephew as guardians and name her in their place.

The lawsuit is necessary, Leroux says in court documents, because Jackson’s attorney and family have not responded to her friendly overtures to establish a relationship with the kids. She believes that the children need her guidance now more than ever and wants to be a part of their religious education and schooling, as well as “the disciplinary techniques used in raising them.”

If her story is true, it is a sad one. She says she was not present at the children’s births because she had received threats. She adds that she is penniless but determined to gain the long-denied access to her children. In order to prove her case, she has suggested genetic testing and a polygraph; she insists that Katherine Jackson, the children’s grandmother, knows who she is.

The family has not commented on the matter. The public’s interest, however, is growing. A Google search on Leroux’s name brings up the story of the lawsuit in several different languages. If the glare of the trial is too much for the children, as Leroux alleges, how can even their biological mother spare them the notoriety that comes with being Michael Jackson’s children?

Source: Examiner.com, “Woman claims to be biological mother to Michael Jackson’s kids,” Kelly Cozzone, Sep. 10, 2013


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