Charlie Sheen reaches agreement on child support

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Normally we do not report on celebrity divorce or custody stories, but they do provide some “teachable” moments. As unlikely as it can be that Charlie Sheen would provide one of these moments, his latest agreement with ex-wife Brooke Muller is an example of how child support modifications can work.

Sheen and Muller’s relationship has not been without tense and controversial moments. The couple has twin boys together, and after allegations of physical abuse surfaced, this played a part in Muller being awarded physical custody of the children after their divorce. As such, Sheen was ordered to pay $55,000 per month in child support.

However, earlier this year, Muller was placed on a temporary psychiatric hold due to erratic (and harmful) behavior. Because of that, she was relieved of custody. (Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards, has temporary custody of the children).

As such, Sheen sought to reduce his support obligation. Muller and Sheen’s lawyers, through a mediator, reached a settlement where he would pay $25,000 per month. Indeed, Sheen could have asked a family court judge to terminate support to Muller, given that children were not living with her, but sources close to the couple say that Sheen did not want to kick her while she was down. (It is unknown whether Denise Richards is receiving any measure of support).

Child support modifications occur when a change in circumstances justifies such a change. Examples include a job loss or a reduction (or increase) in pay. If you have questions about support modifications, an experienced divorce lawyer can help.


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