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October 2013 Archives

Don't forget about assets, property during divorce negotiations

Getting divorced is never easy, and there are many considerations to make during this difficult time. What will happen to the house? Will my retirement plans say the same? These are common questions many spouses think about after deciding to get divorced. 

How to avoid surprises when dividing the marital house in divorce

Property division can be an extremely complex matter under Illinois divorce law, and spouses going through a divorce will want legal guidance to achieve a fair settlement. For example, even when both parties think the best course of action is to sell the house they used to share, legal and financial bases have to be covered to ensure a favorable outcome. Otherwise, one spouse could end up short-changed or owning a house he or she doesn't even want.

Understanding child custody in Illinois

For Illinois parents, going through a divorce can be nerve-racking. For many parents, child custody is the most important part of their divorce, but many people are unsure of the process itself. While every case is different, the state of Illinois provides clear and helpful information about the different types of custody and how child custody is determined.

Extreme measures: FBI takes down 'Get' Gang

A recent story about the arrest of a group of men, two of whom are Orthodox rabbis, got us to thinking about organized crime. The FBI rounded up the unusual suspects on the East Coast, but what they are accused of doing would fit neatly in with Prohibition-era Chicago. We were a tough town then, but we wonder if even Al Capone would have gone as far as this gang allegedly has.

Divorce sends Arbor - and his money - on European 'vacation' p3

We are finishing up our discussion of Patrick Arbor's unconventional -- and illegal -- approach to his divorce. Arbor was the chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade in the 1990s and was a member of the city's business elite until he fled the country this summer.

Divorce sends Arbor - and his money - on European 'vacation' p2

Former Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Patrick Arbor changed the locks on his Water Tower Place condo the day his wife filed for divorce. It had nothing to do with the property itself, he told the court during divorce proceedings. Rather, it had to do with the fact that his then-wife had "looted" about $400,000 from his safe. His wife, Antoinette Vigilante, responded that he had not told her about the safe.

Divorce sends Arbor - and his money - on European 'vacation'

As much as we try to leave high-profile divorce cases to the coasts, the Midwest occasionally sees one of our own make headlines. The most recent instance is a dramatic turn of events in the divorce of former Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Patrick Arbor. Arbor fled the country recently in what many believe is an attempt to keep a great deal of money from his ex-wife.

Jamie McCourt strikes out with request to toss divorce settlement

When we last visited with Frank and Jamie McCourt, they were in a court hearing regarding Jamie's petition to set aside their divorce settlement. Once again, the Dodgers baseball team was at the center of the dispute; this time, however, it was not the ownership of the club but its value.

Location location location: NBA star, ex-wife settle custody case

Another professional basketball player was in the news this week: Fox News reported that eight-time NBA All Star Steve Nash has settled his child custody dispute with his ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla. Nash does not have ties to Illinois, but the battle over where his children would be raised was unusual enough to bring up here in Lake County.

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