For some, divorce tops the New Years resolution list

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Once the decision has been made to end an Illinois marriage, many Illinois spouses are eager to get the process started. However, timing can become an issue, especially as the holiday season approaches. For many, the prospect of discussing divorce between Thanksgiving and Christmas is less appealing than a giant hunk of their mother-in-law’s fruitcake.

Postponing a divorce can be a savvy planning strategy, as well. The spouse who anticipates the end of a marriage has a distinct advantage. The ability to gather the required documents and research the family financials can make a world of difference in creating the best possible financial strategy. This is especially true for spouses who are concerned that their partner may try to make a divorce as unpleasant or difficult as possible.

In addition, spouses who know that divorce is on the horizon are able to make wise choices in regard to assets and debt. This can be especially important during the holiday season, when some families receive large end-of-year bonuses. Using these funds to pay down debt can be a wise move, and can serve to reduce overall debt levels and make divorce negotiations simpler.

Postponing divorce during the holidays is a common decision. In fact, divorce attorneys in Illinois and elsewhere experience a yearly boost in divorce inquiries during the first few weeks of every New Year. For those who are approaching this holiday season and are ready to move past an untenable marriage, it may be easier to weather holiday gatherings and events with the knowledge that next year’s festivities will be far different.

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