When can child support be modified in Illinois?

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Divorced parents in Illinois often have questions about child custody and child support orders. Getting divorced with children can make everything seem very complicated, especially when parents cannot agree during the divorce process. 

Even when parents agree to certain child custody and support stipulations when the divorce is being finalized, there are several factors that can lead to parents wanting to change these orders in the future. While there are many issues that parents need to consider during the divorce, child support orders can become a significant financial issue for both parents.

Child support payments can really impact both the parent making the payments as well as the parent receiving child support. Because child support payments can make a big dent in a person’s monthly budget, it can be beneficial for parents to know when child support payments can be changed or modified. 

There are many factors that are considered when determining if and how much child support payments will be changed. Either parent can request a child support modification in Illinois but there has to be a reason for the modification. Reasons can include a change in job status or monthly income as well as suffering from an illness or disability. 

Child support changes can also be made after a child turns 18 and is not in high school, if the child has a disability that requires more monetary support or if the child does not live with the custodial parent anymore. Child support can also be modified if the needs of the child have changed. 

Parents thinking about requesting a child support modification will have to file a petition with the court. They will also need to show what changes have happened since the last child support order to prove why the change is necessary. 

Source: Illinois Legal Aid, “Changing Child Support Payments,” Oct. 30, 2013


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