Celebrity divorce involves couple’s 3 children

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Divorce affects couples across the country. The divorce rate soared in the 20th century and remains high in the 21st, with approximately half of marriages splitting up. This trend affects celebrity couples just as frequently as it does those that aren’t famous. One celebrity family law case has caught the attention of Illinois residents and others.

In the case, an actress has filed for divorce from her actor husband. The actress, 39, has been married to her husband, 43, for 12 years. Together they are the parents of an 8-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old-son. They are also parents of a third child, a baby who will be born in a couple of months. The actress has requested custody of all three of the couple’s children.

Because she is pregnant with her husband’s third child, the actress wants to minimize the stress of the divorce and focus on maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Correspondingly, she and her husband are pursuing mediation to resolve divorce issues. Their hope is to get it taken care of expediently.

The actress had set up multiple mediation meetings last year, but her husband reportedly canceled repeatedly. However, sources say that he has pledged to not miss any more mediation meetings. This agreement may have been inspired by news of the divorce going public after it was filed Dec. 13. According to reports, it was filed then due to the husband’s alleged affair.

This case shows how many complex issues are often involved in divorce cases. In this one, financial matters pale in comparison to the welfare of the couple’s three children. Mediation sessions and capable attorneys can help the couple settle the matters they need to and are valuable for other divorcing couples to use as well.

Source: New York Daily News, “‘Burn Notice’ star Seth Peterson leaves pregnant wife of 12 years for 23-year-old girlfriend he met through Twitter” Nancy Dillon, Jan. 10, 2014


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