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Judges in Illinois often have very full schedules, typically hearing a wide variety of cases throughout each week. They also have numerous research and organizational duties, meetings with staff and communications with others in the legal profession. Some work substantially on family issues, including child custody.

One judge who has contributed a lot of time towards child custody and other family law matters is the Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice. Her dedication has been noted by many publications, which have written positively about her work. Recently, one decided to express their admiration by giving her a very high honor. The publication, Chicago Lawyer Magazine, named her 2013 Person of the Year.

Chief Justice Garman, a Danville resident, said that she had never expected the honor, though she is very pleased to receive it. The award has only been given to two other Supreme Court justices before, with those being former Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow, who received it in 2003, and Thomas R. Fitzgerald, who got it in 2010.

Garman is the 119th Illinois Supreme Court Justice, and the second woman to hold the position. Her tenure has been marked by accolades by many in the legal profession. This recent honor adds to a list of positive comments from peers.

Throughout Illinois, legal professionals like Chief Justice Garman continue to have a strong interest in child custody law. After all, it strongly affects what many people care about most: their families. Anyone who currently faces child custody issues may want to reach out to an attorney with experience in this area. That way, they can understand how current laws affect their situation and how to put together a healthy situation for their children.

Source: commercial-news.com, “Garman wins ‘Person of the Year’ honor” MARY WICOFF, Dec. 25, 2013


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