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Many Illinois residents have followed the case of Eliot Spitzer, the politician whose poor personal decisions ended his political career. Spitzer served as the governor of New York for a little over a year, at which point his involvement in scandal led to his resignation. Prior to being governor, he had also been attorney general of New York. Now though, it is not his political career but his recent divorce that is making headlines.

That divorce, between Spitzer and former wife Silda Wall, has just been finalized. A Manhattan Supreme Court justice signed the divorce papers. This ended the 26-year marriage between Spitzer and Wall, which had been tarnished by the scandal Spitzer was involved in. Neither member of the couple was present for the signing.

They had filed for divorce just last month, labeling their request “Anonymous vs. Anonymous”. It was submitted almost six years after the height of the scandal that resulted in Spitzer resigning from the governor’s office. At the time, many had empathized with Wall, expressing that she had been caught up in the public spotlight of a scandal she never made. Some observers predicted a divorce back then, but Spitzer maintained as recently as last summer that they were still together.

When Wall wasn’t on the campaign trail for Spitzer’s surprise run for city controller, representatives acknowledged that they had split. Even so, it took until early this year for the split to be finalized. Now that they are divorced, Spitzer is free to devote his time to his new girlfriend.

Spitzer and Wall had a marriage that was subject to much public speculation. Most divorces don’t get that kind of attention, but can be just as difficult for those involved. It’s important that those considering divorce understand their legal options, including those involving child support and custody, alimony and property division.

Source: NY Daily News, “Eliot Spitzer and Silda Wall’s divorce is official” Barbara Ross and Dareh Gregorian, Feb. 06, 2014


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