Divorce to end David Cassidy’s 23-year marriage

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Many Illinois residents remember that in the 1970’s, singer David Cassidy was one of the most popular young stars in all of entertainment. He was on a top rated show, “The Partridge Family,” watched by legions of adoring fans each week. He also had pop hits like “I Think I Love You”, which he still performs for fans decades later. Recently though, he ran into some personally challenges when his wife filed for divorce.

His wife of 23 years, Sue, communicated the split had been coming for quite some time. Some have speculated that Cassidy’s struggle with alcohol, his current stint in rehab and recent arrest for suspicion of DUI may have figured into the timing of the divorce filing. His wife wouldn’t comment on that aspect of it, simply saying that she was “truly heartbroken.”

She did offer words of encouragement on Cassidy’s behalf. In an interview with TMZ, she expressed confidence that he would come back stronger and better than he had been before. She also expressed happiness that he was getting help in rehab for his alcohol challenges.

Cassidy lives in Florida. His recent suspicion of DUI arrest occurred near Los Angeles International Airport in California. Since then, he has publicly stated that he is working hard to stay sober, also expressing gratitude for the quality of care he is getting in rehab.

In this case, Cassidy and his wife have one son, 23. While child custody won’t be a factor, they may have financial issues to address in their divorce. Illinois residents pursuing a divorce are also likely to have financial and other issues to address. Understanding the laws governing an Illinois divorce may help make this difficult time a bit easier.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “David Cassidy’s wife files for divorce after 23 years of marriage” Christie D’Zurilla, Feb. 11, 2014


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