In Illinois and other states, economy may affect divorce rate

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Divorce remains prevalent in Illinois and other states. Yet, recent reports have shown that divorce rates may be affected the overall state of the economy. This makes sense in view of the financial issues that play into divorce cases. Many people have been looking into this connection between the economy and divorce rates.

U.S. Census Bureau information affirms two interesting facts related to this matter. First, the divorce rate plunged during the 18-month recession that ended in June of 2009. Second, that in 2012, after the conclusion of that recession, the divorce rate rose again for the third straight annual time. This has led to a correlation between economic indicators and how many couples end their marriages.

There is evidence on the microcosmic level too, in stories from individual families. One couple knew that their marriage was headed for a breakup. However, economic challenges meant that their business, an engineering firm, needed both of them. That in turn led them to postpone a divorce and focus on getting the business into the best condition possible.

Now, the economy has improved. Correspondingly, their company’s revenues are rising. With that established, they are going forward with the divorce. This instance illustrates how much economic matters can affect a couple and whether they stay together.

Other couples who divorce also typically realize that separating will mean that money will be needed to support two households instead of one. Issues of property division can also be affected by the economy. Those considering a divorce in Illinois may want to consider these issues with a qualified attorney who can advise them about how to proceed.


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